2018 Elections

Jefferson County Democratic Ballot

Democratic Runoff

Jefferson County Sheriff

(Vote for One)

Wilson Hale

Mark L. Pettway


These races appear on some ballots

Jefferson County Circuit Clerk

(Vote for One)

Jackie Anderson-Smith

Eyrika L. Parker


District Court judge, Place 3

10th Judicial Circuit

(Vote for one)

Pamela Wilson Cousins

Lashunta “Shun” White-Boler


District Court judge, Place 9

10th Judicial Circuit

(Vote for One)

Kechia Davis

Debra Weston-Pickens


Jefferson County Commission, District 1

(Vote for One)

George F. Bowman Sr.

Lashunda Scales


Jefferson County Commission, District 2

(Vote for One)

Sandra Little Brown

Sheila Tyson

House of Representatives, District 54

(Vote for One)

Jacqueline Gray Miller

Neil Rafferty


There are no statewide runoffs in the Democratic Party.