2016 Primary Election

Jim Bonner (R)

Alabama Board of Education, District 7

Jim_BonnerName: Jim Bonner

Date of birth: June 8, 1953; age 62

Residence: Marion County

Political experience: Ran for Alabama House of Representatives District 17, 2014; ran for Alabama Senate District 6, 2010; delegate to RNC for Gingrich, 2012.

Professional experience: 30-year classroom teacher.

Education: Master’s, University of North Alabama,; bachelor’s, Athens State University.

Civic experience: Shriner

Contributors: None reported.

Qualifications: Bonner has been an educator in Alabama for 30 years and said he is running a one-issue campaign, “Why Johnny can’t read.” Bonner said he is dedicated to increasing reading levels for children in Alabama. He believes low reading levels hurt the quality of educators willing to work in the state.