2022 Alabama Elections

Jim Zeigler, Republican, Secretary of State

Jim Zeigler

Jim Zeigler

Secretary of State


Residence: Mobile, Montgomery

Political experience: Zeigler has run unsuccessfully for president of the Alabama Public Service Commission, 1986; Alabama Board of Education, 1978; Alabama Supreme Court, 1982; State Treasurer, 1986; Court of Civil Appeals, 1996; and State Auditor, 2002; elected State Auditor, 2015-present. This year he withdrew from the governor’s race to run for Secretary of State.

Professional experience: Attorney

Education: Degree in public administration from University of Alabama, 1966-1970; where he served as president of the Student Government Association and on the Alabama Athletic Commission; graduated Faulkner’s Jones School of Law, 1978

Main issues: Opposes same-day voter registration, allowing non-citizens to vote, efforts to extend the voting period.

Top contributors: WinPac, Leadership Pac, BizPAC and CMG Pac, $5,000 each; plus a second $5,000 from CMG Pac.

Campaign: Facebook: Jim Zig Zeigler; Twitter: Jim Zeigler for Secretary of State. “The Watchman”