2018 Election

Jim Zeigler

Office: Auditor

Party: Republican

Age: 70

Residence: Mobile

Political experience: State auditor, 2014-present; elected to the Alabama Public Service Commission and twice as delegate to the Republican National Convention.

Professional experience: Elder care planning attorney

Education: University of Alabama, Faulkner University School of Law

Main issues: On his Facebook page, Zeigler said: “State government needs a watchman against waste and mismanagement. I have added that role to the State Auditor’s office.”

Top contributors: Farm PAC, $7,413; A VOTE, $5,000; BIZ PAC, $5,000; MAX PAC, $5,000; NEW PAC, $5,000; SAVE PAC, $5,000; TELPAC, $5,000; Trial PAC, $5,000; Regina and John Clinton, $4,000; CMG PAC, $2,500;

Campaign: https://www.facebook.com/zeiglereldercareplanning