2022 Alabama Elections

John Sophocleus, U.S. Senate

John Sophocleus

John Sophocleus


Age: 60

Political experience: Ran for governor in 2002 as part of a project with the Auburn University Student Libertarians.

Professional experience: Instructor of economics, Auburn University, 1992-present; has lectured at the Air War College’s International Officer School at Maxwell AFB; previously taught at Clemson University; was adjunct faculty at the Mises Institute and occasionally lectured there, usually on U.S. tariff history; taught economics to prisoners as Alabama Prison Arts & Education Project faculty; generally taught microeconomics classes and is published in leading economics journals.

Civic experience: Parish Council member and email administrator for Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church; volunteered to teach High School Students at Ft. Dale Academy in Greenville.

Main issues: Put the power back in the hands of the governed; battle inflation, which he blames on the Federal Reserve and moving away from the gold standard; abolish all gun control laws; would oppose any bill that would add to the federal deficit; supports initiative and referendum laws, which allow citizens to place initiatives on the ballot and to reject laws approved by the legislature in referendums.

Campaign: https://sophforsenate.com/