2018 Election

Joseph Siegelman

Joseph Siegelman

Joseph Siegelman

Party: Democrat

Age: 30

Residence: Birmingham

Political experience: None

Professional experience: Managing partner and personal injury attorney, The Cochran Law Firm in Birmingham.

Education: University of Alabama School of Law, 2013; coursework, London School of Economics and Political Science; bachelor’s in commerce and business administration, University of Alabama.

Main issues: In a letter he wrote to the Opelika Observer, the candidate said he would tackle the opioid epidemic, expose and prosecute human traffickers, work on making communities safer, protect seniors from fraud and abuse, and make schools safe. The candidate said the Attorney General’s Office must be non-partisan and independent. “I believe it shouldn’t matter whether a candidate has an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ beside their name, the Attorney General must be independent to administer justice fairly and equally,” the letter stated.

Top contributors: North Alabama PAC, $40,000; Legal Properties Birmingham, LLC, $28,250; Charles Colbert Communications Corp, $18,200; The Cochran Firm, $14,000; Durden Outdoor Displays Inc., $11,500; Jake Aronov, $10,000; Cunningham Bounds LLC., $10,000; Cash PAC, $10,000; W. Charles Deloach Jr., $10,000; Roy Drinkhard, $10,000; R. Parker Griffith, $10,000.

Campaign: https://www.siegelman2018.com