2022 Alabama Elections

Kathy-Ann Marcia Alexis, Democrat, District Court Judge Place 10

Kathy-Ann Marcia Alexis

Kathy-Ann Marcia Alexis

District Court Judge Place 10


Residence: Bessemer area

Professional experience: Has been a special sitting judge in the Bessemer Division District Court and has presided over the domestic relations docket and the small claims and district civil docket. Formerly defense counsel in Bessemer Municipal Court. Current city prosecutor and appellate prosecutor for Bessemer City Court. Private practice at The Alexis Firm focuses on family law. Guardian ad litem for children in the county. Serves on the Bessemer Domestic Violence Task Force.

Civic experience: Active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

Education: Degree in criminal justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York; juris doctor from Birmingham School of Law; master’s of laws in international tax and finance from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2012; completed a Women’s Leadership Course at Harvard University.

Main issues: She says most individuals who appear in the court facing delicate and challenging situations and vows to work to make everyone’s experience as positive as possible; treating people in the court with fairness, compassion and respect; trust and responsibility.

Campaign Info: https://www.alexisforjudge.com/