2021 Birmingham City Election

LaTonya Tate, Birmingham City Council D9

LaTonya Tate

Birmingham City Council, District 9

 LaTonya Tate

 Age: 56

Residence: Birmingham (North Birmingham)

Political races: None

Political experience: None

Professional experience: Probation and parole officer, Florida Department of Corrections, 2006-14; Jefferson County Department of Health, 2001-07

Civic experience: Community activist, voter registration

Education: B.S. in criminal justice administration and security, M.S. in criminal justice administration, University of Phoenix; M.S. in public administration/government and policy, Grand Canyon University

 Significant endorsements: Elect Black Women PAC, Building Bridges for America

 Top contributors: Jon Love, $500; Elizabeth Shannon, $311.84; Maurice Tate, $208.30; Pat Vandermeer, $208.30

 Main Issues: Invest in community programs working to help restore rights of formerly incarcerated individuals and connect them with new job training as well as educational and mentoring opportunities to ensure their success long-term; work with community organizations and activists to create a comprehensive violence reduction initiative that addresses mental health and socioeconomic contributing factors to gun violence; create a fines and fees program for citizens who owe unpaid costs due to their inability to pay; introduce a Ban the Box Initiative; work with grassroots organizations on voter restoration/rights to register and educated formerly incarcerated individuals of their right to vote

 Campaign: tate4birmingham.com