Life Goes on Despite the Coronavirus Threat

One of the largest groups in Railroad Park on Saturday was there to celebrate a young lady’s 15th birthday, or Quinceañera, a Latino tradition that marks a young girl’s passage to womanhood. (Source: Tom Gordon)

Many folks may be lying low because of the coronavirus threat or locked in lines under harsh fluorescent lights trying to stock up on toilet paper. But you would not have known it Saturday afternoon in Railroad Park.

As passing clouds competed with the sun, people of all ages and backgrounds were in the park’s walkways and open spaces. There were dog-walkers, families, skateboarders, picnickers, Frisbee enthusiasts, sunbathers, kids on scooters and even a young lady in a ballgown celebrating her Quinceañera (15th birthday) with about a dozen friends, relatives and photographers.

Birmingham resident Linda Porter, out with her grandchildren Camille and Carl Davis, in the background, said she was mindful of cleanliness even before the coronavirus threat. (Source: Tom Gordon)

In addition, lots of pairs of hands were touching the park’s exercise and playground equipment.

Birmingham resident Linda Porter, 61, who was out with her grandchildren Camille Davis, 4, and Carl Davis, 3, said she had heard cautionary messages about coronavirus but had always been mindful about cleanliness.

“I haven’t changed anything,” Porter said before heading with her grandchildren to one of the park playgrounds. “I listen to the news. I’m trying to stay up to date. But I’ve always washed my hands all the time and done things that I’m supposed to do anyway.”

People took advantage of a spring-like day to soak up the sun and visit with friends and family in Railroad Park on March 14, 2020. (Source: Tom Gordon)