2020 election

Long Voter Line Spurs Good Samaritans to Action

Deb O’Hara and her husband, Charlie, passed out provisions to voters standing in long lines at Legion Field. (Photo by Solomon Crenshaw Jr.)

While some people are concerned solely with who wins on Election Day, Deb and Charlie O’Hara were worried about people they didn’t know in neighboring Jefferson County at Legion Field.

The residents of unincorporated North Shelby County cast their ballots about two days ago, but they couldn’t sit idle as they saw others performing their civic duty in a television report this morning. The thought of them enduring the hot sun or freezing cold – “We weren’t sure which one it was going to be” – spurred the couple to action.

“We saw the line this morning here. They showed it on the news, a big, long line,” Deb O’Hara said. “We just went over to Costco and bought a bunch of snacks and stuff and bottled water. We just thought we’d give it out. We just wanted to do something nice for people.”

Serving people is what Deb O’Hara did throughout her professional life. She’s a retired teacher, teaching seven years at Shelby County High School and then 12 years at Mountain Brook High School. She wound up working about 10 years with a math and science program for students in rural areas.