Mary W. Maxwell (R)

U.S. Senate

Mary Maxwell

Name: Mary W. Maxwell

Age: 70

Residence: Tuscaloosa

Political experience: Ran for U.S. House of Representatives in New Hampshire, 2006.

Political offices held: None

Professional experience: Author of 12 books on evolutionary biology and law; has produced plays aimed at freeing wrongly incarcerated men.

Civic experience: Lived in Australia with her husband, a physician, for 20 years and in the Middle East; sued President George W. Bush, alleging he circumvented the Constitution by declaring war.

Education: Emanuel College, bachelor’s degree, 1969; Johns Hopkins, master of liberal arts, 1979; University of Adelaide, 1990; Adelaide Law School, 2011.

Main issues: Would insist on the rule of law; stop media monopolies; stop mandatory vaccination and experimentation on soldiers; oppose Common Core and mass surveillance.

Campaign web site:

Contributors: Maxwell has not filed any contributions with the FEC.