2017 Birmingham Elections

Most of the Birmingham Board of Education members will be new after the election. What do they have to say?

BirminghamWatch has put together a package on the Board of Education that includes a Q&A of candidates on some of the top issues the board will be facing, along with stories on challenges before the board and a rundown of what the board could look like after the new group is elected and takes office.


 Contenders for the Birmingham Board of Education Discuss Challenges: A Q&A With the Candidates

 What would you say are the biggest issues facing Birmingham City Schools today?

 If elected to the school board, what do you bring to the table that can help solve these issues?

 Given the recent series of superintendent changes over a relatively short period of time, how important is it to give the newly appointed superintendent time to achieve her goals? How long a period would you consider long enough for her to prove herself and/or turn long-standing problems around at BCS?

 What will board success look like from your perspective? What is the maximum benefit to students in the BCS if the next board succeeds? Or how will you know that the next board will have succeeded?

 Challenges Loom for New Board of Education Members

 What Could the Board of Education Look Like After the Elections?