Alabama Legislature

No Gambling or Transgender Bills on the Last Day: Abortion Bill Passes the Legislature

Creative Commons Alabama State House by Chris Pruitt is licensed under CCBY SA 3.0

The Legislature started its session with high hopes that this would be the year a gambling bill would pass, finally. But that hope officially died Monday night when the legislative session ended.

The gambling proposal began as a wide-ranging bill that could allow state voters to institute a lottery, expand casino gambling and legalize sports betting. Sen. Del Marsh, R-Anniston, argued it would raise millions of dollars for the state.

That bill was not welcomed, though, being too broad and perhaps too complicated for legislators to endorse. Also introduced was a simple lottery bill, but neither got enough support to make it through the House.

The Legislature also did not take up a controversial bill that would have outlawed gender-affirming medical treatments for transgender minors.

It did pass several high-profile bills on its last day and sent them to the governor for consideration.

One requires doctors performing abortions to provide the same level of care for any child who survives the procedure as they would for any other child in a regular birth. The situation is rare but can happen on occasion.

Legislators also passed a ban on curbside voting. There is no county that offers curbside voting at this time. But supporters of the bill said curbside voting might be more open to corruption than voting inside a precinct. Opponents said curbside voting would make casting a ballot easier for voters, particularly those who are ill or handicapped.