2022 Alabama Elections

Republican Primary Candidates 2022


U.S. Senate

Lillie Boddie

Katie Britt

Mo Brooks

Karla M. Dupriest

Mike Durant

Jake Schafer

U.S. House

House qualifying has been extended indefinitely while the courts decide whether the state’s newly drawn House districts are constitutional.


State Offices


Lindy Blanchard

Lew Burdette

Stacy Lee George

Kay Ivey

Tim James

Donald Trent Jones

Dean Odle

Dave Thomas

Dean Young

Lieutenant Governor

Will Ainsworth

Attorney General

Steve Marshall

Harry Bartlett Still III

Alabama Supreme Court, Place 5

Greg Cook

Debra Jones

Alabama Supreme Court, Place 6

Kelli Wise

Secretary of State

Wes Allen

Christian Horn

Ed Packard

Jim Zeigler


Young Boozer

Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries

Rick Pate


Stan Cooke

Rusty Glover

Andrew Sorrell

Public Service Commission, Place 1

John Hammock

Stephen McLamb

Jeremy H. Oden

Brent Woodall

Public Service Commission, Place 2

Chip Beeker

Robin Litaker

Robert L. McCollum


Jefferson County Offices

County Commission, District 3

Jimmie Stephens

County Commission, District 4

Joe Knight

County Commission, District 5

Steve Ammons


Jared Hudson

Board of Education, District 3

Donna Pike

Ray Torrillo


10th Judicial Circuit Judges, District Judges

No candidates qualified.


House of Representatives Candidates

District 15

Leigh Hulsey

Brad Tompkins

District 16

Kyle South

District 44

Danny Garrett

District 45

Dickie Drake

Susan DuBose

District 46

David L Faulkner

District 47

David Wheeler

District 48

Jim Carns

William C. Wentowski

District 51

Allen Treadaway

District 57

Delor Baumann

Senate Candidates

District 5

Greg Reed

District 15

Brian Christine

Dan Roberts

District 16

J.T. Jabo Waggoner

District 17

Mike Dunn

Shay Shelnutt