2018 Election

Republicans in Governor Race Eclipse Democrats in Spending

Gov. Kay Ivey

Gov. Kay Ivey has collected almost $100,000 this month for her campaign for governor, bringing her total to $3.78 million since the race for the June 5 Republican primary began last year.

In a report filed Monday with the Secretary of State’s office, Ivey said she raised $99,303 during the period of May 1-11. She has spent $2.52 million, leaving a balance of $1.27 million in her account.

The governor’s nearest GOP rival, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, reported collections of $91,756. That brought his campaign total to $2.18 million, and he has a balance of $738,859 left.

Much of Ivey’s spending has been on television ads. Battle also has taken to the airwaves in recent days and reported spending $1.45 million.

State Sen. Bill Hightower of Mobile raised $51,300 in early May, bringing his total since the campaign began last year to $1.02 million. He reported spending of $851,965 and a cash balance of $195,820.

Evangelist Scott Dawson’s report showed $14,737 in contributions. His total for the campaign reached $818,047 and he has spent $761,075, leaving a balance of $58,556.

Democratic Candidates

Among Democrats seeking their party’s gubernatorial nomination, Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox led the field of candidates with $49,670 in contributions in early May. Former Alabama Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb raised $26,901.

The Maddox campaign has totaled $741,146. He has spent $555,808 so far and has a balance of $235,338.

Cobb’s total is $644,805, and she has spent $534,492 to leave $111,811 cash on hand.

Democrat James Fields, reported $5,310 in contributions, bringing his total for the campaign to $24,078. Saul Smith raised $150 during early May for a total of $5,060.