Robert Kennedy Jr. (D)

U.S. Senate

Robert Kennedy Jr.

Name: Robert Kennedy Jr.

Age: 47

Residence: Prichard

Political races: None

Political offices held: None

Professional experience: U.S. Navy, 1992-2001; Harrah’s Entertainment, 2002-2007; Toys “R” Us, 2007-2010; Sears Holding Co., 2010-2012; Precision Dermatology Inc., 2012-2013.

Education: U.S. Naval Academy, bachelor of science in political science, 1992; Naval Postgraduate School, master of science in human resource development, 1998; Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, master of business administration, 2003.

Civic experience: U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association; Naval Academy Blue and Gold Officer.

Main issues: Supports fixing flaws in the Affordable Care Act, rather than repealing it; ensuring that every child gets a high-quality education; funding federal programs that work and removing those that don’t; preventing guns from being sold illegally; reducing the number of unplanned pregnancies and leaving the choice whether to end a pregnancy to the woman while giving women a range of options; making it easier for people to vote, including early voting, same-day registration and more polling places. In response to a BW question about major areas of federal spending in Alabama,  Kennedy said: “I  believe that federal government programs can improve the lives of Alabama citizens when they work as designed. However, I also believe that every government program should have the following three components: a) a goal, b) an evaluation timeframe, and c) success criteria. …Programs that do not meet their goals should be reassessed. …Programs should be maintained at their current budget levels until goals can be established and evaluation criterion can be applied.”

Campaign web site:

Top contributors:  Total receipts: $24,344

$9,779: Robert Kennedy Jr., Mobile.

$8,206: ActBlue, Sommerville, MA.

$1,350: Adrian Montgomery, Arlington, VA.

$1,100: Marva Laury, Atlanta, GA.

$1,092: Mark Kane, address not listed.

$1,000: Earl Checkley, Upper Marlboro, MD.

$500: Fay Collen, Elgin, IL; Nichelle McLemore, Houston, TX; Van Menard, Memphis, TN.