2018 Elections

Rolanda Hollis

Rolanda Hollis

Alabama House District 58

 Rolanda Hollis

Residence: Birmingham

Political experience: Elected Alabama House of Representative District 58, 2017-present.

Professional experience: Alabama House of Representative District 58, 2017-present. real estate broker, Sil-Loh Metro Realty Brokers, LLC, current; real estate broker, 10 plus years.

Main issues: According to her campaign website, accountability of elected officials in Montgomery on promises and goals is a key issue. Hollis says she wants to see prison reform that addresses crowding and discriminatory laws while keeping streets safe. The candidate plans to ‘audit’ sewer rate increases and work to insist the sewer board create a plan to reduce rates and provide assistance to elderly and low-income residents. The candidate supports making investments in education and giving a voice to small businesses.

Top contributors: $15,000, Alabama Voice of Teachers for Education. $10,000: Alabama Realtors PAC. $6,500: FARMPAC. $4,500: Alabama Power Company State PAC. $3,500: Alabama Builders PAC.

Campaign: https://rolandahollis.com/