2016 Primary Election

Ron Crumpton (D)

U.S. Senate

Ron Crumpton photo (2)Ron Crumpton

Date of birth: April 6, 1968; age 47

Residence: Pelham

Political experience: Ran for state Senate, 2014.

Professional experience: Executive director, Alabama Patients’ Rights Coalition, 2011-present; executive director, Alabama Safe Access Project, 2013-present; executive director, Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition, 2010-2013; legislative liaison, Alabama Compassionate Care, 2009-2010.

Civic experience: None.

Education: Attended University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2009-2013; attended Jefferson State Community College, 2007-2009; graduate of Pelham High School, 1986.

Top contributors: Jennifer Marsden, $500; Steve Crunk, $200; Melva Strange Foster, $100; Michael Pruett, $100; James L. Ramirez, $100; Catherine Rotan, $100; Amy Smith, $100; Mary Spears, $100; Rex Tucker, $100; and James Williams, $100.

Main issues: If elected, the candidate wants to invest in education, raise the minimum wage, repeal federal marijuana laws, work for equal pay for everyone, break up big banks, end tax breaks to companies outsourcing jobs to other countries, invest in infrastructure, increase college grants and access to grants, rebuild the nation’s safety net, work to end discrimination, to fight poverty and to close the healthcare coverage gap, protect working families, end private prisons, court collection and probation services, end mandatory minimum sentencing and increase oversight of the judicial system.

Campaign: crumptonforalabama.com