2018 Elections

Rusty Glover

Office:Lieutenant governor


Party: Republican



Residence: Semmes

Political experience: Member of Alabama Senate, District 34, 2006-present.

Professional experience: Retired teacher, Mary G. Montgomery High School.

Education: Faulkner State Community College; University of South Alabama.

Main issues: According to a statement of Glover’s Facebook page, education is one his main issues.Greater localized control, while working with every school system in the state to reduce classroom sizes can help our children quickly. For those in high schools, I pledge to work and develop more streamlined pathways to community and technical college training. Increasing access to broadband at the same time will allow students across the state to take advantage of our higher education resources in a quick, thorough, and efficient fashion.”

Top contributors: Self-loan (Committee to Elect Glover) $60,354; Rocky McGarity, Lucedale, MS, $5,000; FAX PAC., $2,500.

Campaign: https://rustyglover.com