2021 Birmingham City Election

Scales Announces Bid for Mayor

Lashunda Scales announced her bid for mayor of Birmingham during an event Jan. 18, 2021. (Photo by Solomon Crenshaw Jr.)

Jefferson County Commissioner Lashunda Scales today tossed her hat in the ring for mayor of Birmingham.

“I’m not into being in a fight with anyone because that doesn’t serve the City of Birmingham well,” Scales said near Kiwanis Trail at the base of Vulcan Park. “But I will tell you this: If you give me the opportunity to serve as your mayor, not just the first woman mayor, but to serve as your mayor, you will have a seat at the table. That is what I can guarantee.”

Scales is bidding to return to Birmingham City Hall, where she was a member of the City Council for nine years until she unseated George Bowman on the commission in 2018. The president pro tem of the commission said it’s not just about one person.

“That’s one of the things I learned about service when I first got there as a city council member in 2009,” she said. “It’s all about everyone that is a stakeholder being at the table, having the necessary conversations, be willing to put aside our differences to recognize that we’re there to serve people and not our own interest.

“So today I offer myself as a solution.”

The candidate declined to field questions but spoke about the education system in the city and reducing crime. She also talked about keeping the city clean. “Not just in one part but all parts of the City of Birmingham,” she said.

Bolstering business is another part of Scales’ platform.

“We have to have our businesses where streamlining and the experience of doing business with the city of Birmingham is a pleasure and a delight,” she said.

Birmingham businessman Chris Woods last week announced his candidacy to be the next mayor of Birmingham. And while he has not yet announced his candidacy, current Mayor Randall Woodfin has been raising funds for a reelection bid.