Search Info From New School Progress Reports

Source: Alabama Department of Education

A new online tool allows you to look at federal data on Alabama’s schools by system or individual school, including student proficiency in reading, math and science for the past three years, demographics and teacher credentials.

The searchable Alabama Federal Report Card dashboard, released in late December, also allows you to compare data on up to four schools at a time. You also can look up student progress by ethnicity, gender or several groupings, such as students with disabilities. The dashboard can be accessed here.

Overall, the results for the state’s 1,600 schools in 173 school districts show small improvements in reading, math and science.

The federal report is the first of two sets of progress ratings coming out for state schools. Both include ACT Aspire test scores. A state-required new letter grade rating is due to school districts next week and is set to be released to the public Feb. 1, according to the State Department of Education.