2018 Election

Sheila Tyson

Sheila Tyson (Source: Solomon Crenshaw Jr.)

Jefferson County Commission District 2

Sheila Tyson

Age: 57

Residence: West End Community

Political experience: Birmingham City Council, District 6, 2008-present.

Professional experience: After graduation from Birmingham’s West End high school, Tyson began a career in the U.S. Army and the U.S. Army Reserves and retired as a disabled veteran.

Civic experience: Founder, Operation Brightside; founder, West End Walkers; founder and executive director, Friends of West End; vice president, Arlington-West End neighborhood, president, West End Community, 2008; president, Citizens Advisory Board, January 2009.

Education: Quartermaster School.

Main issues: High sewer bills, poor health care, education funding are among Tyson’s greater concerns. Additionally, she has questions regarding fair representation on the Jefferson County Commission after the 2020 census, which will result in a new redistricting plan by the commission.

Top contributors: $6,000: Richard Schmalz, Birmingham. $5,185: Millennials PAC. $5,000: Alabama Builders PAC, Irondale; North Alabama PAC, Huntsville; Realtors Political Action Committee, Montgomery; Loan to self.

Campaign: www.votesheilatyson.com