2018 Election

Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall

Attorney General

 Steve Marshall

Party: Republican

Age: 54

Residence: Montgomery

Political experience:  Appointed attorney general, 2017-present; Marshall County District Attorney, 2001-2017.

Professional experience: Private practice, McLaughlin & Marshall; legal analyst, Alabama House of Representatives; prosecutor for Arab and Albertville Municipal Courts; attorney, Maynard, Cooper and Gale P.C, 1990 to 1995.; past president and member of the Alabama District Attorneys’ Association; member of the Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee for the Northern District of Alabama; 2009–2014.

Civic experience:  Campaign chairman for the United Way of Marshall County.

Education: Graduated University of North Carolina in 1987; graduated University of Alabama School of Law in 1990.

Main Issues: According to his campaign website, the candidate intends to look out for the most vulnerable members of society and protect the rule of law. The candidates supports Second Amendment rights to carry firearms outside of the home, addressing the opioid epidemic in Alabama with creative and diverse solutions that include law enforcement, mental health and public health initiative that also rely on faith and education community partners. The candidate is committed to preventing illegal immigration and prosecuting illegal immigrants who commit crimes. The candidate is intent on providing training to law enforcement to fight human trafficking and is committed to prosecuting human trafficking case. The candidate is focused on closing ethics loophole and is a pro-life supporter.

Top contributors: RAGA Action Fund, $735,000; Progress PAC, $300,000; Automobile Dealers Association of Alabama Inc., Auto PAC, $80,000; Progress PAC, $75,000; Alabama Power Co. Employees State PAC, $70,000; BIZ PAC, $69,000; CRA PAC, $61,250; Alabama Builders PAC, $56,000; Raymond J. Harbert, $53293; ALA Forestry PAC, $45,000.

Campaign: https://stevemarshall.gop