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Community Development Group Donates $50K to Washington K-8

Navigate Affordable Housing Partners, a housing and community development nonprofit organization, has donated $50,000 to Washington K-8 School as part of its work in the North Titusville neighborhood.

“Any development community effort is only successful it you have schools. Strong schools make for strong communities and strong communities have healthy families,” Lisa McCarroll, CEO of the group, said while presenting the donation during a Birmingham Board of Education board meeting June 11. Read more.

Making the Grade? How Birmingham City Schools Are Doing Depends on Which Measure You Choose.

Multiple choice:

1. The Birmingham City Schools system has a high number of failing schools as determined by the Alabama Accountability Act.
2. The Birmingham City Schools system is below average, based on a “D” grade on the Alabama Education Report Card for the 2016-2017 school year.
3. The Birmingham City Schools system is doing better, on the upswing.
4. All of the above.

If you chose “4” you may understand how complex it can be to determine the exact state of the city’s school system. Read more.

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Many Questions About Birmingham City Schools Remain After Three Months of Trying to Understand the State of Education

The History of the Birmingham City Schools

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An Introduction to Birmingham Schools, From A to F

Birmingham Schools’ Superintendent Talks About Facing Competition for Students, Being Accountable and Building Relationships.

Many Questions About Birmingham City Schools Remain After Three Months of Trying to Understand the State of Education


The Birmingham City Schools system is one of the largest in Alabama. At the same time, it has a difficult history and a present reality in which a number of schools are performing at standards lower than what the superintendent, board of education and city administration would like.
In an effort to understand the state of the schools, BirminghamWatch examined the data and sought interviews or written information from BCS officials. Our efforts were less than fully successful.
Read more.

The Numbers

The state report card assigns a letter grade to each school, each school system and the state itself. In the report card for the BCS, five schools have grades of “F,” meaning their average score is 59 or less on the assessments done by ALSDE. By that same criteria, 26 score “D” (60-69), 7 score “C” (70-79), 4 score “B” (80-89), and 1 scores “A” (90 and above).

Birmingham Schools Brings in Young Voices With the First Student Advisory Council

Introduction of the first Birmingham city school superintendent’s Student Advisory Council and approval of an ACT preparation course for 11th-graders highlighted Tuesday night’s meeting of the Birmingham Board of Education.

Superintendent Lisa Herring introduced eighth- through 12th-grade students whose video applications earned them a place on the council to advise her.

“The voices of students are one of the most important voices we need to hear as we lead the school system,” Herring said.

IB School and More Money Are Good News for Birmingham School Board

Dec. 14, 2017 —The good news kept coming at Wednesday night’s Birmingham City Schools Board of Education meeting.

In addition to a city elementary school earning International Baccalaureate status and the system receiving more money in the city’s just-approved budget, Superintendent Lisa Herring and board members also enthused about new partnerships among Birmingham schools and businesses and nonprofits, and an “importance of education” tour by a high-achieving Woodlawn High School graduate. Read more.