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Reactions to Alabama’s New Abortion Ban

The Alabama Legislature’s passage of a law to make almost all abortions in the state illegal drew attention across the country. Here are a few of the angles being addressed by the press:

Alabama Aims Squarely at Roe, but the Supreme Court May Prefer Glancing Blows (New York Times)

Televangelist Pat Robertson: Alabama’s Abortion Ban Is ‘Extreme’ and Has ‘Gone Too Far’ (Washington Post)

Alabama’s Extremist Abortion Bill Ruins John Roberts’ Roe Plan: SCOTUS was all teed up to quietly gut America’s abortion rights. Then Alabama happened. (Slate)

What Alabama’s Abortion Legislation Could Mean for the Rest of the Country (Video) (Washington Post)

23 Ways Anti-Abortion Activists Are Attempting to Erode Roe v. Wade Without Repealing It (Business Insider)

Abortion Laws Are Changing Across US. Here’s a State-by-State Guide and What It Means (Miami Herald)

What the Alabama Abortion Bill Really Aims to Do (CNN)

Alabama’s Lawmakers Want to Challenge Roe v. Wade (The Economist)

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