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School Grades in Jefferson County Run the Gamut

If all the schools in Jefferson County were graded together, they would have a solid B average. But of course, children don’t attend an amalgamation of schools. The spread of grades that schools in Jefferson County scored on the Alabama Department of Education State Report Card ranges from the top to the bottom. Read more and find scores for your individual schools.

Some School Officials Protest as Birmingham Metro Schools Get As to Ds on First Letter Grade Report Cards

The first letter grade report card day for Alabama’s schools and school systems – much like report card days for school students – brought celebration, disappointment and some strong reactions.

Alabama schools’ report cards were released Thursday morning by the Alabama State Department of Education and, for the first time, gave letter grades to Alabama’s 1,247 public schools and 137 school systems.

You can look up the detailed report cards for the schools, school systems and the state.

Jefferson County Schools, the second-largest school system in the state with 56 schools, scored a C, the same letter grade as the state school system. But, that C and the whole idea of a letter grade didn’t sit well with Dr. Craig Pouncey, county school superintendent, and other school leaders.

Superintendents across the state have criticized the letter grade report cards as too narrow and too reliant on one standardized test, the ACT Aspire, which is not even being used by the state going forward. They also have complained that the one letter grade is not a full or accurate measure of school performance. Marion, Chambers County and some other systems have voted no confidence in the report cards, and more system officials have criticized them. Read more.

Birmingham Metro Schools Get As to Ds on First Letter Grade Report Cards

Metro Birmingham school systems scored As to Ds on Alabama’s first-ever letter grade report cards for schools.

The letter grade and performance information for each of Alabama’s 1,325 public schools and 173 school systems were released by the Alabama State Education in a searchable online dashboard Thursday morning.

The dashboard includes a letter grade, each system or school’s performance on standardized tests and other indicators.

Grades for the 11 school systems in Jefferson County and the three in neighboring Shelby County cover the full spectrum. Homewood, Hoover, Mountain Brook, Trussville and Vestavia Hills scored As. Birmingham, Bessemer, Fairfield, Midfield and Tarrant scored Ds. Read more.