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Legislature to Get Bills Addressing Needs of Alabama’s Troubled Prisons

MONTGOMERY — In her state of the state address to open the current legislative session, Gov. Kay Ivey praised the work of a study group she appointed to “address the needs to rehabilitate those within our prison system” and said she looked forward to working with lawmakers “on bills specifically designed to address some of these issues.”

Now it looks as if the rubber is about to hit the road.

State Sen. Cam Ward, R-Alabaster, one of six legislators on the prison study group and one of the Legislature’s experts on the overcrowded and violence-plagued prison system, said a package of prison bills that Ivey’s office is putting together could come forth next week, Ward said he said he may be the Senate sponsor of some of the bills. He also said he plans to hold hearings on the package before the Senate Judiciary Committee, of which he is chairman.

As described generally by Ward, the measures in the package reflect some of the recommendations of the study group, which issued a report earlier this year. The governor’s office said it had no comment.  Read more. 

Ivey Wants Facts on Gaming; Some Lawmakers Ready to Move Forward With Lottery

MONTGOMERY — Gov. Kay Ivey has told lawmakers she wants the facts on the financial impact of a lottery and expanded gambling in Alabama and is putting together a working group to get them. She won’t take any action on the matter until then, she said.

But that information is months away, and a key lawmaker said Wednesday he’s moving forward with a proposal for a statewide lottery.
Ivey’s working group also will analyze a possible compact with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.

“I’ll give them to the year’s end, but if they get through sooner, that’ll be fine too,” Ivey told reporters Wednesday. “But I want them to be thorough and get the facts, that’s all I want is the facts, not recommendations. We just want the facts about how much money the state can expect to gain if we do a lottery or if we do expanded gaming or a compact and what the heck does a compact look like?” Read more.

Ivey Calls for $1B School Bond, Lottery Study Group in Address to Legislature

Gov. Kay Ivey on Tuesday night asked lawmakers to support a $1 billion bond for K-12, community college and university construction projects and to slow down on proposals for a lottery or gambling in the state.

The Alabama Legislature convened for its annual session earlier in the day.

In her third State of the State address, Ivey touted the need for new prisons and more funding for mental and rural health and education initiatives. She’s also proposing pay raises for state and education employees.

She said the school bond money could be used for new construction, safety improvements or technology upgrades “Equally important,” she said. “this bond will not include any legislative earmarks for pet projects Read more.

Ivey, Other Speakers, List Prisons, Health Care, Education Among Challenges for the Year

Gov. Kay Ivey told the 2020 annual meeting of PARCA that Alabama can address the challenges it faces today.

“I’m confident through our collaboration we will find solutions to tackle our difficult problems,” said Ivey, the keynote speaker at the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama’s annual luncheon.

Ivey gave the audience a sneak peek into her upcoming State of the State address. She said she expects to applaud the positive and issue a challenge to address areas that need improvement. Those matters include the 2020 census, the prison system, health care, mental health care and education reform. Read more.

Gov. Kay Ivey to Undergo Treatment for Lung Cancer

Gov. Kay Ivey, 74, announced Thursday she has lung cancer. This comes after her doctor recently found a spot on her lung during a routine visit.

Ivey says additional tests confirmed it was “a tiny, isolated malignancy.” On Friday, Ivey heads to the University of Alabama at Birmingham for an outpatient procedure. She’ll begin a series of specialized radiation treatments soon. Ivey says she’s been reassured by her doctors that the treatment plan she’s on has a very high success rate.

Ivey says it’ll have “a minimal impact” on her schedule and says “none of this will prevent me from continuing to serve as your governor and doing the work you elected me to do.” Read more.

Governor Ivey Says Bi-Partisanship Was Key to New Gas Tax

Gov. Kay Ivey, speaking Thursday morning in Homewood, pointed to bi-partisanship and teamwork as the key to the successful passage of the Rebuild Alabama Act. The new law enacts increases in fuel taxes to provide funding for transportation infrastructure improvements statewide.

“We’ve seen the absolute tremendous team effort over the successful passage of my Rebuild Alabama Act and I just tell you, it took a truly strong team effort throughout this state to get that done,” Ivey told the Rotary Club of Homewood. Read more.

Ivey’s Approval Rating in Alabama Higher Than Trump’s

Gov. Kay Ivey has a higher approval rating in Alabama than President Donald Trump, according to a new poll released this week.

Sixty percent of Alabamians approve of the job Ivey, elected to her first full term last year, is doing. Another 28 percent disapprove and 12 percent are not sure, according to a poll released today by Florida-based Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy. Read more.