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Gov. Kay Ivey Opens the Legislative Session With Her State of the State Address

Gov. Kay Ivey delivered her State of the State address to Legislators Tuesday night, using the opportunity to call a special session on spending of pandemic relief funds and possibly giving state residents one-time tax rebates of up to $400 for individuals and $800 for families. In her address she also focused on the need to improve education, from kindergarten to college-bound students.

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Ivey Recommends a One-Year Delay on Holding Back of Third Grade Readers

MONTGOMERY — Gov. Kay Ivey on Wednesday recommended a one-year delay to the Alabama Literacy Act’s holdback provision for third graders struggling with reading.

“Because we are implementing a new assessment, we need the spring 2022 data to further validate the cut score before we implement the promotion policy and, in the meantime, we will be doubling down for the supports needed to implement the Alabama Literacy Act to fidelity,” Ivey said at the state school board meeting.

The board voted on setting the reading score on standardized testing that will determine which students would continue on to the fourth grade. To implement Ivey’s recommended delay, the Alabama Legislature will have to approve the change during its regular session starting in January. Read more.

Ivey Wants 2% Pay Raise for Teachers and State Employees

MONTGOMERY — Gov. Kay Ivey said she wants to give pay raises to state employees and teachers in the next budget year. In an interview Thursday with Alabama Daily News, Ivey said her state budget proposals, which are set to be presented to lawmakers next week, will include the pay raises in both the General Fund and Education Trust Fund budgets.
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Gov. Kay Ivey Extends Face Mask Order to Oct. 2

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, citing the statewide drop in COVID-19 numbers, today extended her mandatory mask-wearing order until Oct. 1.

The governor said she knows wearing a mask is not popular. “I don’t want to wear a mask, either. I can’t understand what people are saying when they are muffled behind a mask, and masks make my glasses fog up,” she said.

But, she said, the protection is needed at this time. “To get to normal, wear a mask,” she said. She extended her Safer at Home order during a press conference Thursday morning to continue the mask requirement and other restrictions that have been in force statewide for another five weeks.

Ivey also warned residents to be careful mixing with other households during upcoming Labor Day activities. Read more.

Ivey Extends COVID-19 Health Order Through July

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey extended a public health order Tuesday, which allows businesses, entertainment venues and beaches to operate provided they follow social distancing, sanitation and other guidelines, until July 31st.

The order would have expired Friday and comes as new coronavirus cases have risen sharply through June.

“While we are not overwhelmed yet, we should not think that because our summer feels more normal than our spring that we are back to normal,” Ivey said at a press conference Tuesday morning. “The fact is, folks, we are still in the thick of this virus, disease and it is deadly.” Read more.

Gov. Ivey Has Been Quiet On COVID-19. Does It Matter?

Some governors have spent lots of time in front of the cameras talking about the coronavirus pandemic. New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has held daily press briefings. Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine has been out front almost daily as well.

Meanwhile, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has been relatively quiet about COVID-19. That’s despite new cases increasing sharply around the state in June.

“I think we’ve all got to do a much better job of educating people top to bottom,” U.S. Sen. Doug Jones said in a press conference last week.

He said state leaders, not just the governor, should be talking about the pandemic. He added the message those leaders give should be based on science.
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