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Jones Calls Impeachment Protest a ‘Political Stunt’

U.S. Sen. Doug Jones called a protest by Republican congressmen, including three House members from Alabama, a “political stunt” reminiscent of George Wallace’s 1963 stand in the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama.

“I thought it was (a) petty little temper tantrum. That’s all you can say,” Jones said Thursday during a phone news conference with reporters from Alabama. “I thought Alabama had moved beyond that after the stand in the schoolhouse door.”

Alabama Republican Reps. Mo Brooks of Huntsville, Bradley Byrne of Fairhope and Gary Palmer of Hoover were among about 30 GOP members of the House of Representatives who on Wednesday pushed into a room where the House Intelligence Committee held impeachment hearings. That delayed testimony by a Pentagon official for about five hours, the Washington Post reported. Read more.

Alabama’s Political Corruption: Three Governors and One House Speaker Convicted of Crimes Give State a Reputation

With Robert Bentley’s resignation as governor, Alabama’s history of top elected officials who have had their careers end because of scandal continues.

In the past 25 years, three governors have faced criminal charges during or soon after their terms of office, and a speaker of the House was forced out after convictions on a dozen ethics violations. The state’s chief justice was removed from office twice – not on criminal charges, but for willfully disobeying federal judges’ orders.

With four top elected officials now convicted criminals, is Alabama leading the nation in political corruption? Read more.

Bentley Resigns, Ivey Becomes Governor. Both Promise Smooth Transition After Wild Political Day

Alabama started Monday morning facing a week of impeachment hearings expected to center on sordid details of the governor’s relationship with an aide and his use of law enforcement to cover it up.

But by the end of the day, the state had a new chief executive who pledged to “steady the ship of state,” and former Gov. Robert Bentley had fingerprints and a mug shot on file at the Montgomery County jail.

Bentley resigned Monday afternoon and took a deal to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges stemming from information the state Ethics Commission handed over to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office last week. Read more.

Gov. Kay Ivey Makes History

Kay Ivey made history in 2002 when she became the first Republican elected state treasurer since Reconstruction.

She made history again Monday when she became the second woman to hold the office of governor in Alabama. Ivey succeeded Gov. Robert Bentley, who resigned from the office amid threats of impeachment and looming criminal charges tied to his relationship with adviser Rebekah Caldwell Mason. Read more.

Gov. Kay Ivey Sworn In to Office

Kay Ivey was sworn in as the 54th governor of Alabama this afternoon in a ceremony in the old Senate Chambers of the capitol building.

Ivey, who takes office after former Gov. Robert Bentley’s resignation, said, “Today is both a dark day in Alabama, yet also it’s one of opportunity.” Read more.

Guide to Bentley Impeachment Actions

Guide to Bentley Impeachment Actions
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Listen to audio of the Judiciary Committee meeting and impeachment hearings, which begin at 10 a.m.


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Meet the Judiciary Committee

Fifteen members of the House Judiciary Committee are set to begin hearing testimony Monday morning to determine whether to impeach Gov. Robert Bentley.

If the committee votes for impeachment, the issue would go before the full House. If members there voted for impeachment, Bentley would be suspended from his job as governor and face trial by the state Senate. If two-third of senators voted to convict Bentley, he would be removed from office.

It all starts with the Judiciary Committee. Read more.

Bentley Impeachment

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