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PSC Hears Arguments for Raising or Abolishing Alabama Power’s Fees for Solar Users

Spectators – many wearing ‘Let It Shine’ stickers – packed a Public Service Commission hearing room this morning to hear testimony about the fees Alabama Power Company charges residents to use solar panels or other alternative means of power generation.

As the 2½-hour hearing concluded, Administrative Law Judge John A. Garner instructed both sides to prepare briefs to be delivered on or before Dec. 20. The matter will be taken under advisement, and the ruling will be made during an open meeting of the commission.

Two persons were escorted from today’s proceedings for failing to adhere to Garner’s order of no recordings. One woman was shooting video of the hearing while another was livestreaming the event. Read more.

Public Hearing on Thursday to Consider Future of Alabama Power’s ‘Solar Tax’

The Public Service Committee is conducting a public hearing Thursday to hear testimony from those who support and oppose Alabama Power’s solar backup fee.

Customers complain that the fee is unreasonable and stymies solar power use in the state. Alabama Power officials counter that the fee isn’t high enough and are requesting an increase. They say the fee is necessary so solar users also have additional power when they need it. Read more.