Tag: Regional cooperation

Hoover, Pelham Strike Deal for Hoover to Handle Vehicle Maintenance, May Look for Other Chances to Share the Load

Gary Waters remembers joking with Hoover Administrator Allan Rice about possibly annexing Pelham, the city of which Waters is mayor.

“We were just joking around and I said, ‘Would you annex Pelham? It would make my life a lot easier,” Waters recounted. “He laughed and I said, ‘How about our fleet maintenance?’”

That, Waters learned, Hoover could do. Wednesday, Waters, Hoover Mayor Frank Brocato, the city councils of both cities and other officials were on hand as the cities announced that Hoover will performance maintenance on the vehicles of both cities. Read more.

Hey Brother, Can You Spare a Firetruck?

The Birmingham City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to provide the neighboring town of Mulga with one of the city’s surplus fire trucks, in a move the council referred to as “a great example of regional cooperation.”

Mulga Mayor Keith Varner said the deal happened as a result of discussions he and Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin had looking for ways to implement a “big-brother, little-brother” relationship between the two municipalities. Read more.