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Senate Candidate Roy Moore Disses Impeachment Proceedings, Says it Is Time for Washington to Get Back to Business

Roy Moore said Thursday that he does not think the allegations being investigated by Democrats against President Donald Trump constitute high crimes or misdemeanors under the constitution.

“I think we need to get off impeachment proceedings and get back to the business of the country,” Moore said after qualifying to run for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. “I think the president has every right to coordinate with foreign entities. That’s the job of the president.” Read more.

Almost $50 Million Spent in Alabama’s U.S. Special Senate Election

Candidates and independent committees raised more than $49 million last year for Alabama’s U.S. Senate special election, won by Democrat Doug Jones.

Financial reports posted this week by the Federal Election Commission show Jones with $22.05 million in contributions to his campaign during 2017, compared to $6.15 million for Republican Roy Moore. Those reports include money raised by Jones for the Democratic primary in August and the general election on Dec. 5, and by Moore for the Republican primary, GOP runoff and general election.

In addition, independent committees, known as Super PACs, reported spending $2.37 million in support of Jones and $1.24 million in opposition to him. Super PACs spent $158,464 in support of Moore and $5.19 million in efforts to defeat him. Read more.

Super PACs Wield Millions to Elect and to Defeat Senate Candidates

Independent committees aligned with Republicans and Democrats spent almost $7 million this year on television advertisements and other efforts to defeat Roy Moore in his bid to become Alabama’s junior U.S. senator.

Democrat Doug Jones, who defeated Moore, was the target of almost $2.8 million in spending from such groups, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

In all, records show the Super PACs spent almost $20 million working for and against particular candidates. That’s in addition to the millions candidates raised and spent on their own campaigns. Read more.

Jones Doubles Moore’s Campaign Warchest With Help of Democratic Fundraising Group

Democrat Doug Jones raised about twice as much money for his winning U.S. Senate campaign as his Republican opponent collected, with the vast majority of the money flowing through an organization that helps Democratic candidates raise funds.

Jones’ final report to the Federal Election Commission showed contributions totaling $11.71 million during 2017. Roy Moore, the Republican candidate and former Alabama chief justice, raised $5,152,464.

The vast majority of the money collected by Jones – $9.57 million – was funneled into his campaign through ActBlue. The organization, which allows contributors to make donations to specific candidates via its website, helped all of the Democrats who ran for the Senate in 2016 raise money and has funneled $1.95 billion to Democratic and progressive candidates since 2004. Read more.

Moore Issues Video Statement Saying He Will Continue to Fight for the U.S. Senate Seat

Roy Moore said again Thursday that he would not concede the U.S. Senate election, issuing a video statement in which he said the race was too close, some ballots were still out, and he believed “the heart and soul of our country is at stake” in the election.

Vote tallies from Tuesday showed Doug Jones beating Moore by about 20,000 votes, but the vote will not be certified until Dec. 26 to Jan. 3.

You can watch the 4:46 video in full here.

So, Where’s Roy Moore Been in the Campaign’s Closing Days?

In a campaign that has defied convention over and over, Roy Moore did something that perplexed political professionals, media and voters alike.

He had mostly disappeared from public view before he emerged on election eve in a barn-like building near Dothan, slightly more than 10 hours before the first voting precincts open.

The race to fill the seat left vacant when Jeff Sessions resigned to become U.S. attorney general had become a national obsession for cable news channels, talk radio and newspaper pundits.

But Moore had not had a public campaign appearance since Wednesday, Dec. 6. Hs campaign ignored or rebuffed repeated attempts (including several from BirminghamWatch) to announce his schedule or account for his whereabouts. His apparent attendance at Saturday’s traditional Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia has not been acknowledged by his campaign.

Finally, at 8:50 p.m., six miles from Dothan in a building usually used for weddings, Roy Moore appeared in public Monday night. The rally featured several conservative stalwarts, including Steve Bannon, head of Breitbart.com and a former strategic adviser to President Donald Trump; Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas; and David Clarke, the former sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.
Read more.