This Siren Is for You

Ben Franske [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons
Joe Knight offered a word of warning after the Jefferson County Commission’s committee meeting today.

With a chance of severe weather back in the forecast this weekend, the commissioner urged residents to not ignore a weather warning.

“Before, if there was a storm coming through in Hoover, the sirens would go off in Warrior,” he said. “But now we’re on the polygon system. If you hear the siren, that siren is for you. You take cover immediately and go through your plan. Have a plan, go through your plan, go to your safe space.

“When you hear the sirens in Jefferson County now, that siren is directed at you or your area.”

Commissioners were told today that Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency stands ready to respond to calls for help from Lee County, where an EF4 tornado left destruction in its wake. The death toll is currently 23 but authorities fear that toll could rise.

Knight and fellow Commissioners Sheila Tyson and Steve Ammons allotted $15,000 – $5,000 apiece – to help survivors of the Lee County storm. That money is earmarked to provide shelter.

“We’re addressing the immediate needs now,” he said. “As we all have learned by our own experience, the immediate need is shelter.”