The Census Is In: Alabama Will Keep 7 US House Seats for the Next Decade

Alabama will retain all seven of its seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, Gov. Kay Ivey announced Monday after seeing statewide population totals and Congressional apportionment results released by the Census Bureau.

The results show that Alabama has grown 5.03 million residents, up from 4.8 million when the 2010 census was conducted.

At one point, officials had worried that Alabama could lose a House seat to another state with a higher growth rate and potentially  $13 billion in federal health care and education funds.

“This data reveals what we’ve known all along – Alabama is a great state to call home, and many are choosing to do so,” Gov. Kay Ivey said in a statement released Monday. “I am extremely pleased that we will keep all seven of our current seats in the U.S. House to provide valued and needed voices to advocate for our state and our people for the next 10 years.”

Monday’s data includes only statewide populations totals and apportionment information. County, city and census tract level data, which will be needed to draw new districts, will be released in August and September, according to the Census Bureau.