2020 election

Tommy Tuberville


 Tommy Tuberville

Tommy Tuberville (Source: Facebook campaign site)

Age: 65

Political/professional experience: Arkansas State University, assistant football coach, 1980-1984; University of Miami, assistant football coach, 1986-1993; Texas A&M University, assistant football coach, 1994; University of Mississippi, head football coach, 1995-1998; Auburn University, head football coach, 1999-2008; Texas Tech University, head football coach, 2010-2012; University of Cincinnati, head football coach, 2013-2016; ESPN, football commentator, 2016.

Education: Southern Arkansas University.

Main issues: Securing the nation’s borders, building a wall and strengthening immigration laws; supporting gun rights; changing the way veterans are treated and helping them re-enter the workforce; supporting school choice and charter schools; opposing abortion; investigating those who investigated President Trump over collusion with Russia in the 2016 election; touting Trump’s endorsement of him, protecting individual liberty, lowering taxes and reducing the size of government.

Campaign website: Tommyforsenate.com.

Contributors: Tuberville took in $652,390 in the reporting period covering April 1 to June 24 and ended the period with $448,204. Since the campaign began, he has taken in $2.94 million in contributions, according to his FEC report. His net operating expenditures were $663,004 for the most recent reporting period and $2.74 million overall. Contributors of $5,000 or more were:


Drummond Company Inc. Political Action Committee (Dpac), Birmingham; Bronczek, David, Memphis, TN; Lomangino, Anthony, Garden City, NY; Mcinnis, John M. III, Gulf Shores; McInnis, Shelley Freeman, Gulf Shores; Neville, Connie, Kingshill, VI; Neville, William, Kingshill, VI; Watson, Gail P, Dothan; Watson, John H., Dothan; Whatley, Steve W., Anniston.


Woltosz, Walter, Auburn.


Shabel, Rodger, Decatur; Shabel, Vickie, Decatur.


Willoughby, Van, Cullman.


Burford, Michael D., Wellington; M B Properties LLC, Wellington; Thomas, John T., Toledo, OH.


Kingsley, Oliver D. Jr., Dothan.


Bronczek, Judith, Alpharetta, Ga.


McKinney, Joe M., Muscle Shoals.


Broadway, Julie, Huntsville; Broadway, Robert, Huntsville.


Hicks, Bryan, Stevenson.


Miller, Don, Huntsville.


Young, Terry, Birmingham.


Courington, Pat Jr., Albertville.


Adkinson, Clay, Defuniak Springs, FL; Aldag, Edward K. Jr., Birmingham; Alvarez, Karen, Huntsville; Alvarez, Michael, Huntsville; Andrews, James R., Gulf Breeze, FL; Andrews, Jeff, Duluth, GA; Andrews, Patricia W., Duluth, GA; Breland, Louis, Huntsville; Brooks, Jeff D., Birmingham; Burford, Todd, Birmingham; Carr, Bradley, Alexandria; Chandler, James, Huntsville; Covington, Coates, Lincoln; Davis, Jay, Atlanta, GA; Devilbiss, Edwin, La Valle, WI; Doddridge, Kaye, Three Forks, MT;

Dunlap, Robert H., Batesville, MS; Espy, Shirley, Atlanta, GA; Gaby, Barbara, Duluth, Ga; Gaby, Richard, Duluth, Ga; Govil, Sanjay, Potomac, MD; Green, Joni R. PMP, Brownsboro; Griffin, David B., Nashville, TN; Guess, Chris, Birmingham; Guess, Julie, Birmingham; Hayden, Marilyn, Barrington, IL; Henderson, Reynolds, Santa Rosa Beach, FL; Hillman, Roberta W., Aspen, CO; Isbell, Linda, Cullman; Isbell, Mike, Cullman; Kellett, Carol, Atlanta, GA; Kent, Brock, Cullman; Kent, Sarah, Cullman;

Kent, William, Midland, TX; Leone, Douglas, Los Altos Hills, CA; Martz, James Garrett, Huntsville; McDougle, Tony, Florence; McKinney, Chester Jr., Muscle Shoals; McKinney, Jenny D., Killen; Mitchell, Hugh, Mountain Brook; Perkins-Leone, Patricia, Los Altos Hills, CS; Pirnie, Leslie O’Gwyn, Pike Road; Pirnie, Robert, Pike Road; Rappuhn, Allan, Killen; Remington, James, Henrico, VA; Satter, Muneer A., Chicago, IL;

Scott, William M., Auburn; Signature Utility Services LLC, Birmingham; Spriggs, Kevin, Spanish Fort; Stephens, Warren A., Little Rock, AR; Strother, J. Barron, Santa Rosa Beach, FL; Taylor, Billy, New Market; Taylor, Catherine B., Dallas, TX; Templeton, W. M., Dallas, TX; Ward, Jennifer, Mobile; Williamson, Sallie S., Greenville; Williamson, Warren J., Greenville.


Reed, David, Guntersville.


Brook Haven Farms LLC, Fayetteville, TN; Gleghorne, Charles, Fayetteville, TN; Hess, Janice L., Madison.


Tepool, Michael A., Huntsville.


Anderson, Barbara T., Tuscaloosa.


Proctor, H. Palmer Jr., Atlanta, GA.


Albers, Charles E., Sarasota, FL; Allen, R.K., Talladega; Ballard, Brian D., Tallahassee, FL; Ballard, Kathryn, Tallahassee, FL; Build Political Action Committee of the National Association of Home Builders, Washington, DC; Corr, Byran A. Sr., Rosemary Beach, FL; Griffin, Roxie, Nashville, TN; Hall, John G., Dothan; Huck Pac, Little Rock, AR; Melt LLC, Atlanta, GA;

National Cotton Council of America Committee for the Advancement of Cotton, Cordova, TN; Norris, Robert G., Holly Pond; Saiia, Jody, Birmingham; Steiner, Russell, Bayou La Batre; Swaid, Christy J., Birmingham; Thompson, James Vincent, Atlanta, GA; Thorne, Larry, Auburn; Wintersteen, Jim McIlhenny, Mill Valley, CA; Wood, Bobby R., Corinth, MS; Wood, Myra Ann, Corinth, MS; Young, Lindsey Rene, Birmingham.