2020 election

Tommy Tuberville

U.S. Senate

Tommy Tuberville (Source: Facebook campaign site)

Tommy Tuberville

Age: 65

Political/professional experience: Arkansas State University, assistant football coach, 1980-1984; University of Miami, assistant football coach, 1986-1993; Texas A&M University, assistant football coach, 1994; University of Mississippi, head football coach, 1995-1998; Auburn University, head football coach, 1999-2008; Texas Tech University, head football coach, 2010-2012; University of Cincinnati, head football coach, 2013-2016; ESPN, football commentator, 2016.

Education: Southern Arkansas University.

Main issues; Securing the nation’s borders, building a wall and strengthening immigration laws; changing the way veterans are treated and helping them re-enter the workforce; supporting school choice and charter schools; opposing abortion; investigating those who investigated President Trump over collusion with Russia in the 2016 election; protecting individual liberty, lowering taxes and reducing the size of government.

Campaign website: Tommyforsenate.com.