UAB-Tested Intranasal Vaccine Could Go to Human Trials

Source: CDC

The intranasal coronavirus vaccination that was lab tested at the University of Alabama at Birmingham could go to human trials next month.

Altimmune Inc., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, has asked the Food and Drug Administration for approval to start clinical testing of the new vaccine, AdCOVID.

Last spring and summer, 24 researchers from six labs at UAB and eight researchers at Altimmune tested the potential COVID-19 vaccine. It is administered into a patient’s nose, which can block the coronavirus from colonizing there, where it is easily transmissible to others, according to a release from UAB.

I could be more convenient than some other possibilities being tested because it is a one-dose vaccine, could be shipped at room temperature and could be stored in refrigerators for years, the release states.