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Vance Heads Into November With 12X More Than Parker in Warchest

Republican Tom Parker has raised more money, but Democrat Robert Vance Jr. has a larger warchest as they head into the campaign to become Alabama’s chief justice, according to reports filed this week with the Secretary of State’s Office.

Parker, an associate justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, has raised $423,212 in contributions and has made loans of $32,900 to his campaign. He collected $1,657 during the last week in June, according to a report he filed Tuesday. Overall, he has spent $438,461 and has an account balance of $17,151.

Parker won the GOP nomination last month, defeating Chief Justice Lyn Stuart in a runoff. Vance had no opposition for the Democratic nomination. They will meet in the November general election.

The biggest contributor to Parker’s campaign is Progress for Justice PAC, a Montgomery-based committee made up mostly of trial lawyers that has given $400,000. The other top donors, at $10,000 each, are FARMPAC and Southeast Wood Treating LTD, both of Montgomery.

Vance, a Jefferson County Circuit Court judge, has raised $322,422 during the campaign, including $56,685 in June. He has spent $122,335 and has a balance of $210,087.

Vance has given $19,220 to his campaign. Other top contributors, with $5,000 in donations each, are Burr & Foreman LLP; David L. and Susan T. Silverstein; Dennis G. and Elizabeth B. Pantazis; Jay Grinney, and Wiggins, Childs, Pantazis, Fisher, Goldfarb LLC, all of Birmingham; and Warren Lazarow of Hillsborough, California.

Following are contributors of $5,000 and more to the candidates for chief justice.

Tom Parker

$400,000 – Progress for Justice, Montgomery.

$10,000 – FARMPAC, Montgomery; Southeast Wood Treating LTD, Montgomery.

$9,750 – David H. Marsh, Birmingham; Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton, Birmingham.

$5,000 – BIZPAC, Montgomery; Prince, Glover & Hayes PC, Tuscaloosa.


Robert Vance

$19,220 – Robert Vance.

$5,000 – Burr & Foreman LLP, Birmingham; David L. and Susan T. Silverstein, Birmingham; Dennis G. and Elizabeth B. Pantazis, Birmingham; Jay Grinney, Birmingham; Wiggins, Childs, Pantazis, Fisher, Goldfarb LLC, Birmingham; Warren Lazarow, Hillsborough, California.


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