2016 City Elections

Vestavia Results

Ashley C. Curry                             3,712
Alberto “Butch” Zaragoza, Jr.                2,771
City Council
Place 1
John D. Henley                                               2,919
Dennis “Rusty” Weaver                3,288
Place 2
Kim Benos                                                          2,729
Kimberly Cook                                 3,606
Place 3
**Steve Ammons                                              2,333
Paul J. Head                                     2,546
Robert de Buys                                               1,420
Place 4
Robert “Bob” Elliott                                     2,082
George Pierce                                  4,110
**Steve Ammons would have faced Paul Head in a runoff but Ammons withdrew from the race, saying he believed the people had spoken and he did not want to put the city to the expense of conducting another election for one race.