2017 U.S. Senate Race

Voices From the Polls: Excitement and Angst Among Voters Today

Huffman’s Jacquiese Reed proudly displays her ‘I voted’ sticker. (Source: Solomon Crenshaw Jr.)

Shades Mountain Independent Church

Voters were turning out heavily at Shades Mountain Independent Church in Hoover to vote in the special Senate election this afternoon  The chief inspector said the polling place was trending toward 50 percent turnout.

By 3:15, the precinct had drawn 1,620 voters.

“I don’t care why they’re coming out,” Michael Lawson said. “I’m just glad they are.”

Mountain Brook City Hall

A steady stream of voters filed through Mountain Brook City Hall Tuesday as polls opened for the special Senate election.

Most who spoke after voting described a greater excitement and a bit of angst as they prepared the cast their vote for Republican Roy Moore or Democrat Doug Jones.

Brian Sullivan noted that the new tablets were in use to identify voters.

“It’s an important election, I’ll tell you that,” he said. “It’s important for people to get out and vote Republican.” Read more.

Voters Turn Out Early in Huffman

Chief inspector Bill Peoples said turnout was heavy early at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Huffman. There were 50 to 60 people waiting in line at 6:30 a.m. or earlier.

“We even let them stand inside,” he said. “We don’t usually do that but it was cold.”

The flow of voters had slackened by 10 a.m. but Peoples said there are projections of a record turnout if voters continue to show up as they have.

Gregory Young, an African-American man, made an observation as he returned to the parking lot: “A lot of folks passing out stuff aren’t out here today,” he said. “People who are usually out here passing out stuff (suggesting) who to vote for, they’re not out here. It’s very strange.”<a href=”https://birminghamwatch.org/voices-polls-excitement-angst-among-voters-today/”>Read more.</a>

Voting Steady at Legion Field

Voters streamed in and out of Legion Field in Birmingham during lunchtime.  Voting at the precinct, which has about 4,317 registered voters, has been steady, according to Doug Jones campaign worker Edwina Robinson.

Robinson, 62, has been at the polling site since 8 a.m. handing out sample ballots. She said she hasn’t seen long lines or a drop off in voters, only a steady stream of people casting ballots.“I think it will be a good turnout,” she said.

Robinson, who lives in West End, cast her ballot for Jones at West End Library shortly after 7 a.m.

“I want him to win,” she said. “He has done more for black people (than Moore) and he was behind us when he fought for the four little girls (who died in the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing), and he cares about us. I think he makes a good candidate, but God has the last say.” Read more.