2021 Birmingham City Election

Voting Tuesday in Birmingham Council and BOE Runoffs


Voters in parts of Birmingham return to the polls today to make final decisions in two races for the Birmingham City Council and two for the Birmingham Board of Education.

The city’s election was held Aug. 24, when voters reelected Mayor Randall Woodfin and selected representatives for seven of the City Council seats and seven of the board of education seats.

The runoff is being held because no candidate in two council races, districts 4 and 9, and two board races, districts 1 and 9, received more than half the votes.

These are the races on the ballot:

City Council District 4

Birmingham City Council President William Parker, who represents District 4, received 41.9% of the vote on Aug. 24, shy of the amount needed to win outright. He will face Woodlawn-based activist J.T. Moore, who originally received 23.1% of the vote.

City Council District 9

District 9 Councilor John Hilliard narrowly missed getting enough votes to win his seat outright. The businessman got 49.2% of the vote in the Aug. 24 election. He will face LaTonya Tate in the runoff. The former parole officer originally received 29.3% of the vote.

Board of Education District 1

Incumbent Board of Education member Douglas Lee Ragland, a retired educator, got 43% of the vote on Aug. 24 in a three-candidate field. Tuesday, he will face challenger Sherman Collins Jr., a local business owner who led Ragland by 13 votes previously.

Board of Education District 9

Two challengers in the District 9 race will be on the runoff ballot. Consultant Le’Darius Hilliard, who got 43% of the vote on Aug. 24, will face Jason Meadows, community revitalization activist, who got 42% of the vote.

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