2021 Birmingham City Election

Walter Wilson, BBOE D7

Walter Wilson

Birmingham Board of Education, D7

Walter Wilson

Age: 47

Political experience: Won the seat in a special election in January, took office in February; Alabama constable, districts 57, 2012, 2016; ran unsuccessfully for Birmingham City Council District 7, 2009.

Professional experience: Areawide brush and trash supervisor, city of Birmingham Department of Public Works, 1999-present; substitute teacher, Birmingham City Schools, 2005; assistant football coach, Wenonah High, 1995-2009.

Civic experience: Executive board member, Laborers International Union of North America 559, 2017; parent community coordinator, Wenonah High, 2016; founder and executive director of Southwest Alliance Association Inc., 2005; founder of Wenonah Young Dragons Youth Football, 2006; founder of Roosevelt City Spartans Youth Football, 2012; softball coach, Partners of Neighborhood Growth; basketball coach, Police Athletics Teams; coach, Piper Davis Baseball, 1989-2017.

Education: Lawson State Community College, barber’s degree, 1993; American Intercontinental University, associates degree, business administration, 2006; Victory Christian Academy, 1992

Top contributors: $750, Labor International Union of North American, Local 559; $500, Glen Durough.

Main issues: In 2017, Wilson said one of his main intentions was to “improve curriculum; ensuring that we hire and continue training of highly qualified teachers, especially in the areas of reading, science and mathematics. I want to address ensuring that adequate funding and support are available for extra-curricular activities. Most importantly, I will address making parental involvement a priority.”