2020 election

Who Won the Votes in Alabama and Jefferson County?

A woman makes a statement Tuesday near the Legion Field polling place. Source: Solomon Crenshaw Jr.

Unofficial results as of 8:45 a.m. Most counties reported 100% of the votes had been counted. In Jefferson County, 98.29% of the boxes had been counted.  


Joseph R. Biden (D): 36.26%

Donald J. Trump (R): 62.34%

Jorgensen (I): 1.10%


U.S. Senator

Doug Jones (D): 39.43%

Tommy Tuberville (R): 60.40%


Public Service Commission President

Laura Casey (D): 37.61%

Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh (R): 62.27%


State Board of Education, District 3

Jarralynne Agee (D): 30.92%

Stephanie Bell (R): 68.99%


District Court Judge, Jefferson County, Place 7

Ruby Yvette Davis (D): 55.07%

Bentley Patrick (R): 44.85%

Deputy Treasurer, Jefferson County, Bessemer Division

Sherry McClain (D): 55.07%

John Stephens (R): 44.87%


Tax Assessor, Jefferson County

Gaynell Hendricks (D): 55.69%

Jonathan O. Barbee (R): 44.23%


Assistant Tax Assessor, Jefferson County, Bessemer Division

Charles R. Winston (D): 55.49%

Brandon Herren (R): 44.45%


Assistant Tax Collector, Jefferson County, Bessemer Division

Eric S. Burks (D): 55.43%

Delor Baumann (R): 44.47%

Report includes contested races on the ballots in Jefferson and Shelby counties.

Winners are indicated with bold type. Some races were too close to call with some votes yet to be counted.