2024 Election

Frank Woodson, Alabama House of Representatives, District 52

Frank Woodson

Frank Woodson

Party: Democratic

Residence: Birmingham

Professional experience: President and CEO, CityServe Alabama; board member, Digital Fulcrum Media; former executive director, Mission Alabama, 2002-2016; became executive director of Mission Birmingham, 2007; became executive director of Mission Birmingham Transformation Strategies, 2011; assistant director, Young Business Leaders, 2001-2010; chief operating officer, Cornerstone Schools of Alabama, 1999-2001. had worked for nearly 20 years for United Parcel Service before leaving his management position to work with historically disadvantaged families and communities in central Alabama.

Civic experience: Active in Covenant Community Church and many community-driven projects.

Education: UAB, communication arts, 1979-84.

For more information: www.frankwoodson.com, www.facebook.com/ASOLUTIONIST

On the Issues

Frank Woodson did not respond to a request for information from BirminghamWatch before the spring primary. He calls himself a “solutionist” on his campaign materials and often mentions helping communities in many ways, from development and finances to education. “Having a strong community will always be important to me, I surround myself with everyone from different walks of life to not only engage but to also get involved,” he states on his campaign website.