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Baxley Predicts Jones Will Get the AG Nod From Biden

What is the next step for Alabama’s soon-to-be former U.S. Sen. Doug Jones?

“I fully expect that Doug Jones will be the next United States attorney general,” said Bill Baxley, himself a former Alabama attorney general and a key piece of the church-bombing “cold case” solution that brought Jones to national attention.

Baxley cited Jones’ long-time relationship with Biden and his bipartisan approach to politics. Several publications also have listed Jones among top picks for Biden’s cabinet. Read more.

Concerns Raised About COVID at Horizon Church Polling Place After Worker Tests Positive

Voters who cast their ballots last week at Horizon Church had to endure some very long lines. Now they’ll have to endure concern about possible exposure to COVID-19.

A press release from the office of Jefferson County county manager Tony Petelos says there is a chance persons who voted at Precinct 5120, otherwise known as Horizon Church in Vestavia Hills, on Election Day may have been exposed to the novel coronavirus. Coincidentally, that is the polling place of Jefferson County Presiding Probate Judge James P. Naftel II, who fielded an Election Day call from his wife about her waiting in the line or returning later. Read more.

Biden Wins Presidency

Joe Biden has won election as president of the United States, defeating incumbent Donald Trump in a combative campaign set against the backdrop of a pandemic and racial unrest.

The Associated Press called the race for Biden Saturday morning, four days after Election Day, when it put Pennsylvania into his ‘win’ column. Votes still are being counted in many states, but Biden appears to have reached a tipping point in the race for electoral votes that Trump cannot overcome. Read more.

Big Turnout But No Major Problems at Jefferson County Precincts

Horizon Church in Vestavia Hills saw a flood of voters descend Tuesday on its Columbiana Road location. But that wasn’t the only flood that precinct experienced.

“Horizon Church had their bathroom back up right early in the morning, and there was flooding in the hallway,” Jefferson County Probate Judge James P. Naftel II recalled. “We had to work with the county to get Port-O-Lets out there for those voters.”

Which, the judge said, was easier said than done.

“You don’t just snap your fingers and Port-O-Lets appear,” he said. “It took a few hours, and people were waiting outside, and sometimes they have kids.

“People had to endure a little bit more than normal on this one (election) but they rose to the occasion as they always do,” Naftel said. “I was overall relieved that things went as smoothly as they did.”
Read more.

Mostly Smooth Sailing in Tuesday’s Election Except for Long Lines at Some Precincts

Jefferson County Board of Registrars Chairman Barry Stephenson said Wednesday that Tuesday’s election ran smoothly with “a few minor glitches,” despite long lines at most precincts.

Those standing in one of those long lines in Vestavia Hills had some unexpected entertainment to help pass the time. Voters reported a middle-aged man dressed in a baby costume with a large Trump head cavorting across the street.

“I just told them that as long as he was not too close to the polls, they were on their own,” Stephenson said.

Earlier on Tuesday, he said, “We had one instance of over-zealous campaign workers, closer than 30 feet (from the polling place). We backed them up, and that was it.” That occurred in Tarrant City.
Stephenson said that the county will be looking at adding precincts to remedy the long lines. “This year we were having to deal with COVID, as well,” he said.

On the state level, Alabama Secretary of State John H. Merrill said absentee votes were still being counted in some counties as of late Wednesday. Already, the state has broken its previous record for the sheer number of people who voted. Read more.

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Voters Change Constitution With Votes for Five Amendments

Five of the six statewide amendments on Alabama’s ballot passed Tuesday, with another one that proposed several changes to ethics oversight in the state judiciary being too close to call early Wednesday morning.

Most of the measures, including one to “recompile” the constitution to remove racist language and two others establishing county-specific “stand your ground” laws for churches, passed easily. Read more.