Birmingham City Schools

Questions submitted that BirminghamWatch wanted to ask Terrell Brown, principal of Putnam Middle


  • Will you tell me about W.E.Putnam Middle? How would you describe the students/teachers/parents?


  • What is the student/teacher ratio at Putnam Middle? Is that where you/BCS want it to be?


  • What have the successes and challenges been for Putnam Middle? How do those compare to challenges at other BCS middle schools?


  • What are the improvements you are focusing on? Which are the ones you see having positive results quickly? Which are the ones that will take longer? Why?


  • We also looked at Hayes K-8, Wenonah High School and Jones Valley Middle. What can you tell me about the challenges at those schools? Do any of them mirror the issues you experienced at Minor elementary.


  • Tell me about the PTO/PTA at Putnam Middle. How much will it play a part in improvements at the school?


  • What are the other ways the community and parents are engaged? One of the stated long-term goals (from the BCS strategic plan) is: “Through increased communication efforts and channels, parents, families, and community members are better informed, more engaged, and have an increased impact on decision making.” Can you talk about what you’re doing to make that happen? Is your approach tailored to Putnam or is it an approach that all of the schools are following?


  • In connection with that, Dr. Herring said in the strategic plan that “we recognize that victory will take the collective action of our entire community, working together collaboratively, to support student achievement. We invite you to join the Birmingham City Schools as we are building leaders and impacting the world.” How do you want/envision the community to work with the schools?


  • Can you talk about overall progress toward the strategic plan’s goals – specifically, how you’re cutting down absenteeism, and bringing up reading and math scores, and college readiness, or if you’re focusing any attention on vocational options for your students, or both?


  • What specifics do you want our readers to know about Putnam Middle and BCS?