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County Sheriff in Talks Over Regional Jail, Says “It’s a Process”

Mark Pettway let the Jefferson County Commission know Tuesday that you can’t always believe what you hear.
The sheriff came to the commission committee meeting to ease concerns that a deal had been struck for the county jail to house inmates who are currently at the Birmingham Jail.

“There is nothing right now other than some talks that’s going on,” Pettway said. “If you hear something, you can check with me to make sure it’s happening. Right now, there’s nothing in writing. Nothing has gone forward.”

The sheriff said officials from the city of Birmingham have talked with him about the possibility of establishing a regional jail that could accommodate prisoners from Birmingham and surrounding areas. Pettway said he has also talked with attorneys for the city.

“We’re just talking some things out,” he said. “We need to have a chance to talk with the (county’s) legal department. We’ll find out some things that may not work. We’ll find some things that may work. It’s a process. Read more.