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Scales Loses Two Titles as JeffCo Commission Reorganizes

The organizational meeting that followed the swearing in ceremonies for the Jefferson County Commission didn’t include a seating chart.

But Lashunda Scales didn’t need one as she swapped seats with Joe Knight after the commission established its leadership, with Knight succeeding Scales as president pro tempore.

That was one of two positions that Scales no longer has after commissioners did away with subordinate co-chairs of their committees. Scales had been co-chair of the economic development committee chaired by Steve Ammons, who said the change was done to provide greater efficiency.

“It’s just easier to have one commissioner,” he said. “We’re all on the same committee so there’s no need for a co-chair. We’re delivering information to all the commissioners. Since each commissioner is on every committee, then you just have the chair.”

“I’m at peace today because I recognize that a position or title don’t make you who you are,” Scales said in her closing comments. “You empower the position. The position doesn’t empower you.” Read more.

Jefferson County Commissioners Look for Ways to Stop Illegal Dumping

Jefferson County commissioners in their meeting Thursday said illegal dumping has gotten worse throughout the majority of unincorporated Jefferson County and something needs to be done.

“We’ve been continuously having a really big problem of illegal dumping and it has gotten out of control,” Commissioner Lashunda Scales said. “Even though we clean it, we seem to have to go back often to rectify it.” Read more.

Scales Announces Bid for Mayor

Jefferson County Commissioner Lashunda Scales today tossed her hat in the ring for mayor of Birmingham.

“I’m not into being in a fight with anyone because that doesn’t serve the City of Birmingham well,” Scales said near Kiwanis Trail at the base of Vulcan Park. “But I will tell you this: If you give me the opportunity to serve as your mayor, not just the first woman mayor, but to serve as your mayor, you will have a seat at the table. That is what I can guarantee.”

Scales is bidding to return to Birmingham City Hall, where she was a member of the City Council for nine years until she unseated George Bowman on the commission in 2018. Read more.

Scales and Tyson Couldn’t Have Been More Different in Farewells to the Birmingham Council

On their final day as city councilors, Lashunda Scales and Sheila Tyson addressed their colleagues during an otherwise uneventful council meeting, reflecting on their tenures before they move to a higher level of government.

Scales and Tyson were technically elected to the Jefferson County Commission in Nov. 6’s general election, though they were both uncontested and had been assumed to take their seats since winning their July runoff elections. Scales had been the councilor for District 1 since 2009, while Tyson had represented District 6 since 2013. Both won their bids for re-election last year, but their commission wins meant that they would have to leave their seats with three years remaining in their terms.

Their speeches at Tuesday’s council meeting highlighted the contrast in their political styles — Scales loquacious and boastful, Tyson serious and determined — and in many ways epitomized their respective terms on the council. Read more.